Why is Vanilla Flavour so Popular?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Every bakery has a variety of vanilla cakes; Every special occasion calls for vanilla ice cream; Every tea party has that sweet-scented vanilla teacake; It is such a popular taste that when the baker-dad from Mr. Moustache’s Cakes decided to hold a Workshop on zoom on how to make the perfect vanilla cake, hundreds of people joined!
What makes vanilla the evergreen favorite flavor? Let’s find out in this blog

The first question that might arise in your mind must be where does this heavenly taste come from? You’ll be shocked to know the answer….Vanilla is actually a flower! The Vanilla orchid has green flowers and dark leaves, and when it is rightly pollinated it produces a vanilla pod. Growing the pod in perfect conditions is not the only step to obtaining your favorite flavor; It needs to be harvested under expert supervision as the ways of harvesting affect the fragrance and quality of the vanilla bean. A single vanilla bean can make any cake, donut, muffin, or cookie better.

Good quality vanilla bean gives us good quality vanillin, and that vanillin is used to make a flavourful and quality vanilla essence, And Mr. Moustache’s Cakes uses only the best quality ingredients to bring to you that delightful taste. Every cake dessert recipe uses at least a pinch of vanilla essence to elevate and bind together with other flavors. And do you know the reason it is so widely used? This is because Vanilla has a charming personality and fits in with everything else, be it in nutty cake or a fruity cake.

So the next time you ask a baker, what is the best cake on their menu...they might point towards a combination of vanilla; The only reason being its sweet, creamy, nutty, and floral aroma.

Also, can you guess the most popular weddings cake flavor? We’ll give you a starts with a V! Couples and guests alike have a preference for 3 tier vanilla cakes at their weddings, just like MMC’s Naked 3-tiered-cake.

Let us share with you another shocking fact: Vanilla makes chocolate taste better! Without the dash of this holy flavor, your favorite chocolate brownies and chocolate muffins may taste flat and dull. Vanilla’s versatility goes unmatched, as it is also used to make marshmallows! Be it marshmallow popcorns or chocolate-dipped marshmallows- vanilla is their best friend.

So the next time you order a cake online, visit a bakery, or open a cake box- think about the ingredients which perfectly combined together to give you a heavenly delight.

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