When Mr. Moustache Meets New Age Robinhood

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others’-H. Jackson Brown Jr.'

Every one of us must have read about food security in our class 8 geography. 'Food Security exists when all people, at all times, have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet dietary needs.' Being born in privilege has somewhat made us ignorant towards our food needs and preferences. Every time you are about to throw that extra morsel, think about this definition carefully. Not all of us are fortunate to enjoy two square meals a day.

Mr Moustache's Cakes as a part of the food industry realizes the gravity of the lack of access to food to hunger-stricken and needy people. Therefore, we have handpicked a charitable organization that aligns with our company values and services to play our part in offering our community and society, compassion and gratitude, The Robinhood Army NGO.

Do you know the classic tale about Robinhood, who used to steal from corrupt rich officials and donate the loot to the needy and less fortunate ones? Well, we are hopeful you have and if not, then you must read it. This tale, however, has inspired Neel Ghose, the founder of Robinhood Army, a Non-Profit Organisation that runs on the motto of ‘Think less, do more. It aims to eradicate hunger by accessing surplus food from restaurant owners to the needy ones free of cost. The best part about this organisation is that they do not take monetary donations rather wish to spread their volunteers across the cities to feed the poor and lead as an example and support #NoFoodWastage.

For Mr Moustache Cakes, if it is important to serve our customers in Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR with the best cakes near you which are eggless, healthy, and made with real ingredients then so do it is to donate the leftover cakes to this NGO and play a part in serving society. We wish to see the laughter and joy a child, an adult or an old one goes through after eating a full meal and satiate their hunger. This joy, however, has been bestowed upon us by the help of the Robinhood Army, NGO and we are more than thankful to them for making us a part of such a noble cause.

We proudly state that our cakes are the best bakes in Gurgaon and the city on the premise that we provide them with no preservatives and wish to become one of the best bakeries in Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR. However, our success is more than generating profits because we believe if we cannot serve the needy then our success, achievements, and professional fronts are incomplete.

‘Donating food is not just about feeding the needy ones but also filling up the treasure chest of blessings for life’-Happiness bee.

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