What makes a bestseller, a bestseller?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Hello! And Namaste, to everyone who is reading this article. If you are here then we are sure that you must have gotten curious how a bestseller becomes a bestseller. MMC, an online bakery based out of Gurgaon has been delivering super innovative and yummy cakes with a blend of healthy touch to its customers all over from Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR.

Amidst cutthroat and a neck to neck competition in the food industry, we have survived the waters pretty gracefully. Our prime principle which we always stood by is to serve cakes that are authentic in taste, quality, presentation, ingredients with no added preservatives to our customers.
Today, we will be listing out our top bestsellers of all the time and what makes them a bestseller? If you want to know the difference between a Rs.250/- and Rs.800/- cake then keep scrolling!

1. Pineapple upside cake-

Everybody knows what a pineapple cake is and that it has always been a classic choice when it comes to a celebration or a party. However, if you look at the ingredients used in a regular marketed cake you will notice that pineapple cakes are mostly sweet with a few pieces of pineapple on top.

But, at MMC a pineapple cake is baked to cherish its original flavour which is not too sweet but has the tanginess of original pineapple fruit. That is why instead of adding flavoured essence we use actual pieces of pineapple while baking. Hence, the true flavour is the USP of our bestseller pineapple upside-down cake.
2. Chocolate Cake-

Chocolate cake has been every child’s first love and a birthday wish to cut this cake is most common. If we look at a regular marketed cake, the cake is topped with heavy icing of chocolate which makes it too sweet and heavy. The chocolate flavour is due to the essence which has preservatives.
But, at MMC a chocolate cake is baked using the finest cocoa and real chocolate with no added preservatives or essence. This makes our cake authentic, tasty and a healthy option to choose from. This is why our chocolate cake is loved and has become one of our best sellers.

3. Peanut Butter Cake-

Baked items made with butter typically have a good mouth-feel, plus the butter imparts a unique flavour that can't be duplicated. Using peanut butter alters the flavour, infusing end products with a nutty taste, plus it can make baked goo

ds dense and heavy. A regular marketed cake can give you loads of unnecessary calories and sugar spikes which is why you should consider your choice very carefully.
But, at MMC a peanut butter cake is made with utmost attention and care so that the cake has a classic nutty flavour of the peanut butter with a good mouth-feel. The right balance is what makes our peanut butter cake a best seller.

4. Chocolate- layered strawberry bouquet-

This is a hamper specially crafted and designed by MMC with love for our customers who want to break out of the clichéd flower bouquet and present their loved ones with something unique, tasty and healthy at the same time. The chocolate layered strawberry bouquet has been a huge hit among our customers from Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR due to its uniqueness and usage of seasonal strawberries. Strawberry is a fruit that is available post-summer season as it grows in the warm season. We have served this bouquet only post the summer season citing the seasonal fruit reasons. This is how our special hamper made a huge space in our customers’ hearts and has become one of our top bestsellers.
Above mentioned are some of our top bestsellers and what makes them a bestseller. Next time when you search the engine for ‘healthy cakes’ or ‘best cakes near me’ remember that there is this bakery Mr Moustache’s cakes which will serve you with the best possible options which are healthy, authentic, tasty and real.

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