Things to keep in mind while running a Cloud Kitchen

Updated: Feb 15

Mr. Moustache’s Cakes is all psyched up to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Taking a ride back on a memory lane, it was 2 years back that our Father-Daughter duo materialized their dream to run a pretty bakery.
Empowered with Baker Dad's passion, and doting daughter, Ms. Khushboo's ambition, our little Gurgaon bakery stood on its foothold to embark on a tasteful journey.
However, not a concrete cafe, rather it was sought by the duo to try heading on a transforming trend, and be a Cloud Kitchen, an online bakery.

So, a cloud kitchen or even called a virtual/ghost kitchen is a commercial kitchen where the food and items are prepared, and meant for delivery-only purpose, not a dine-in service. In the last few years, and particularly as a consequence of the Covid Pandemic, this concept saw a significant rise across the globe, pacing into the Food Industry of India as well, perfect for those families rooting themselves in culinary passion, to start a young business, with homemade products like our chocolates and sugar-free cakes. Here, the food items are made and prepared till finalized with packaging for ultimate delivery to the customers, all handled virtually through orders online and communication via advanced apps and network services, like Zomato and Swiggy to our cake bakery near you, as you order a delicious customized birthday cake or an Oreo pop online.

So, what exactly needs to be on our platter to deliver the best services to our consumers in delivering online and managing everything expertly? Here are a few things to keep in mind to run a Cloud Kitchen, learning from our 2 year confectionery business.

1. The Location :
Since you don't require a sitting area, a smaller space convenient enough for cooking and packaging works. Moreover, the demography should synchronize with your delivery territory. The place should be hygienic, always. Regardless of our healthy cakes, we ensure a safe home delivery of these tasty desserts as well.

2. Licensing:
You need to ensure your company and production business is legalised before it gets flagged in the future. Few licenses and permissions are essential to procure in the first month of operations for a hassle-free business. These are FSSAI license, GST Registration, Municipal health trade licenses, and fire licenses. Legitimise as we did to our designer cake shop in Gurgaon.

3. Online Benchmark :
A Cloud Kitchen relies entirely on its online network to run the business. Communicating with customers, taking orders and delivery should be tackled through a strong online base, from a website, and the delivery platforms which work on your behalf: Zomato, Swiggy. Always be aware of their revenue fees and T&C of these online cake sites.

4. Kitchen Materials :
Your kitchen is your only warehouse. So, from cooking ingredients to culinary tools and machines, cleanliness is a must, along with properly organizing shelves and a storage room.
Know the cost and warranty of your equipment, maintain them properly.
The raw materials and ingredients should be fresh and organic owing to your brand, hence, choose a perfect vendor for these, also keep your food stored hygienically.
Use clean and sculpted tools to bake cakes & dessert in Gurgaon.
And your packaging should be neat, so that the food doesn't get spoiled in delivery, and to leave a good impression.
Lastly, for better management, organize your area with demarcations for cooking, storing, and packaging.
Have a look at our eggless dessert menu, and check out our blog "How is Mr. Moustache's Cakes a healthy choice ?" or learn chocolate cake online order for more information.

5. Staff and Employees :
Finally, it's the human labour that will enliven the company. The kitchen staff should be skilled to cook, to keep sanitized, to maintain storage and packages, and fine delivery service. The number should be enough to work things smoothly: the chefs, the helpers, the keepers.
Another set are the ones who help you maintain your virtual shop, from website developers, social media and marketing employees. Engage and coordinate with them professionally.
MMC also offers an open internship program for all.

6. Promotion :
Every company sails and sells on marketing and advertising. Promote your brand and its message, to incorporate more customers, enlarge your presence and expand your business. Have good strategies and innovative ideas, for exclusive deals and sales. Strengthen your networks and media channels accordingly to establish the name. Glance at our social media pages: YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, MagicPin, JustDial, Email us at

7. Transparency and Standard :
Always be transparent and honest about your products and work ethics, it will draw trust from the consumers so your cakes get delivered to Delhi too.
Follow your best standards, orders should be fulfilled with utmost accuracy, and delivery operations must be highly organized. Also, implement efficient processes to maximize outputs. Like we offer online baking classes which helps getting an insight to our procedures, as well FAQs and Testimonials about our eggless desserts, and customer reviews.

Above are just broad pointers to check you still manage to find made to order cake online in Gurgaon. Don't stress, just be vigilant enough that the business runs smoothly. Attend to minute details and loopholes.
In the end, being a Gurgaon bakery ourselves, all we can say is, you grow as you learn, and at each step further there's a new recipe to try. Go on ahead, and achieve what you wish for, as we did. And we will keep on adding more icing to our cakes, by providing you with the most delicious homemade and fresh desserts, which are eggless and hearty. From yummy and tasty cakes to homestyle cookies, always offering you the finest, and wishing you the best for your own endeavors. Thank you for trusting us.
Have the Immunity Booster Cake , a coffee cake or maybe an Oreo Cake to kick start and celebrate our journey and yours.

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