Things to keep in mind while baking at home

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Baking is a science as well as an art. And it is very important to have the right knowledge, skill set and equipment to get this right. So here are some baking tips that our Baker Dad aka Mr.Moustache would like to give to make cake in Gurgaon. Maybe it's finally time to stop ordering from Zomato or Swiggy and now you bake fresh eggless cookies and cakes at home.
Always remember the phrase ‘Equip the recipe with indicators and substitutions’. This phrase signifies that you have to keep things in mind: The equipment, the recipe, the indicators, and don’t forget the substitutions.
Here is an elaboration to make eggless cake online:

Have the right Equipment at hand

First let's talk about the equipment:
Oven is one of the most important things while baking to make personalized cake design. Nowadays there are a wide range of ovens available in the markets along with numerous alternatives or as we Indians like to call it-Jugad. Ovens can be replaced with pressure cookers only in certain cases like you can only cook some types of eggless cakes in a pressure cooker. Keep in mind that cookers and ovens are drastically different from each other and have varying qualities.
Bakeware is another prime thing in equipment that should be carefully chosen for cake and bake. The material of bakeware is also an important factor for cake baking online. The bakeware for a cake can be made of glass, cast iron , non-stick teflon or ceramic.
Indeed the equipment in which you are baking and the equipment with which you are baking are important but always keep in mind the ingredients with which these tasty cakes are made up of. You can search for baking suppliers near me to get all the correct equipment.

2. Make the recipe book your bible

The next important step while cooking, baking or just following your passion is to remember the recipe by heart and not play games with it. Do not wander off or change the recipe as per your wish as it could lead to a hazardous baking experience for you. Like if you are making a chocolate cake and the recipe asks you to add 1 and a 3/4th cup of powdered sugar but you add only 1 cup. This will nor turn out to be a tasty chocolate cake. Ensure that you have all the ingredients and right equipment, measuring tools, etc. before you start baking. But the time of baking is something that might vary as all the ovens cannot be the same. Keep in mind to use unprocessed ingredients to bake a fresh cake which tastes like heaven.

3. Take help of Baking indicators and ingredients.

These baking indicators are visual cues that are helpful in identifying if the dish is baked or not. They make you use your senses of vision and touch and recognize when something is completely baked and ready to be served or risen enough. If you bake very often these baking indicators will become sure of yourself and baking will start to become second nature and you’ll be the next online cake maker.
Baking ingredients that you will be using to bake a fresh cake need to be unprocessed and free of preservatives. This will help you in making a tasty and healthy cake at home. We have a blog as well which shows “How is Mr. Moustche’s Cakes are a healthy choice?” and how we try to minimize the use of sugar.

4. Try avoiding Substitution

Earlier we said to follow the recipe. But, what if you do not have some ingredients? Consider substituting them. Not sure how? We are here to help you. Firstly, substitution is something that you should try to avoid. This may lead to a change in the output or slightly alter the taste hence substitution always comes second. Only practice them when there is an utmost emergency and lack of time or resources. Substitutions are forgiven only when you are minding the calories or eating healthy cakes - for example, when you refrain from consuming nutrients like gluten, you can treat yourself to a gluten- free cake and substitute all purpose flour with gluten free flour.

The next time you wish to have a delicious cake , don't look for “cake delivery in Gurugram” instead use these tips and bake yourself a fresh cake at home. And if it turns out to be a disaster do not worry Mr. Moustache’s Cakes is here to serve you with some of the best quality tea cakes and desserts in town. We are one of the best bakeries based in Gurugram who also deliver in Delhi and Noida . Do remember these baking tips so that you are able to make fresh cookies and cakes at home.
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