Story behind the evolution and facts of the delightful tea cakes.

Updated: May 15

Teacakes are an all-time favorite snack with the best taste. They have a long history that goes back to Britain, in the late 18th century. In the old days, just as the name suggests they were served with afternoon tea but by the name of implies.

They have very interesting names spread all over the world with different meanings in each region. In Sweden, the word for teacake (tekaka) refers to a sweetened wheat yeast bread whereas, in the Southeastern United States, a teacake is a traditional dense large cookie, made with sugar, butter, eggs, flour, milk, and flavoring.

The first tea cake that was ever baked was in Scotland and had a very different appearance than the one that we see today. They used to be cookies filled with nostalgia, golden brown edges, and a soft inside. There are many traditions related to tea cakes in general as well. To some African-Americans, tea cakes resemble a cookie rather than a cake that we have nowadays. It used to be super healthy and a very special snack for them in those times. In some families, they were served only on holidays while in others, they were specially made for children.
Here is a short story about the delicious tea cakes we all love. Tosh, a village boy who loves his grandma, Honey and her delicious golden tea cakes. When she tells the story of how the cookies became part of their family, he feels like he's flying back in time. But then one day, Honey starts forgetting things, even an ingredient for the tea cakes. Inspired by his love for his grandma and respect for his family's heritage, Tosh finds a way to give Honey and himself a special gift that keeps the memory alive. Although today’s tea cakes do not resemble the earlier ones, they share the same love and warmth. And it can never be replaced.

Teacakes have not only evolved in appearance but also in terms of health and nutrition. These days we get to see various types of tea cakes that not only taste good but are healthy as well. There are apple tea cakes, Ragi tea cakes, sugar-free tea cakes, Gluten-free tea cakes and what not. You just have to name it and it will be there.

Mr. Moustache’s Cake is a cloud bakery in Gurgaon famous for teacakes. We serve a variety of tea cakes to choose from that also include healthier options like honey ginger cake(immunity booster cake),pineapple upside down, gluten-free cakes, Ragi cakes, and sugar-free cakes, etc. We deliver all across Delhi NCR including Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad. Our customer friendly service and customizable cakes makes us stand out from regular bakeries, making us the best bakery in Gurgaon.

So, the next time you get a midnight craving for a chocolate cake just order from Mr. Moustache’s Cakes.

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