Secret To Perfect Icing: Fondant or Cream Icing?

Icing, also called frosting are sweet coatings on cakes and other baked goods. It makes the cake look nice, holds it together and also keeps it fresh. - What is Icing on a Cake

A cake is only as good as its icing. Although a well baked cake tastes good on its own, the cream or fondant icing on the top is where personalized cake design and the blast of cream and toppings unfurl. Although the Naked Three Tier Cake has its appeal, cakes laden with great fondant work and icing cream, like the Choco Blast, also taste hella good.

If you're making the best designer cakes with elaborate sculptures on your cake, fondant icing( gelatin, sugar and glucose) is your best bet. Cream cakes( butter, sugar and cream) are at greater chances of melting than fondant cakes. You can choose to meet midway and create a semi-fondant cream-icing cake to make the cake shop menu unique.

If you can't decide between fondant and cream icing, there are many other options.

Buttercream (milk, sugar and butter) :

Buttercream is easy to coat. It emits a smooth feel and the creamy consistency makes the cake even softer. Crunchy toppings go better with thick Buttercream icing in cakes like pure truffle cake.

Cream Cheese (milk and cream):

Who said cream cheese is only good for cheesecakes? Sweet but with a bit of citrus tang, this is perfect for topping cake pastry or tasty red velvet cake. There are sugar free and gluten free options too.

Ganache on cake:

Ganache is an equal mixture of cream and chocolate. Chocolate ganache frosting works well in chocolate cake bakery. It usually consists of minimal sugar and serves as a healthy alternative to a chocolate cake order.

Royal icing( egg white and sugar):

Traditionally used on cakes for marriage anniversary, wedding cake online and Christmas pastries, royal icing is the choice of cake for you. Making icing patterns is easier with royal icing. So if you're a beginner, you better choose this.

Mirror glaze ( gelatin, water, cream and sugar):

Mirror glaze produces artistic cakes. The sugar glaze and gelatin mix makes the upper layer of the cake shiny and minimalistically beautiful. It creates metallic effects.

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