‘In crisis management, be quick with the facts and slow with the blame.’

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Welcome to Mr Moustache’s Cakes blog everybody!
We hope and wish that in these hard times our words of wisdom can enlighten you and take you out from the crisis you are facing instantly.

Before we talk about how to overcome a crisis let us focus on ‘what is a crisis and crisis management?’ by the dictionary, the definition of crisis is a time of intense difficulty and danger. It occurs abruptly with little or no warning. COVID-19 pandemic, however, occurred with little warning but spread to the world suddenly. Meanwhile, when we talk about crisis management, it is the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization or its stakeholders.

Not just the small businesses but the big ones also suffered losses due to the lockdown. The artisanal baking industry was no exception and faced a severe crisis. Being a part of this industry we know how to manage crises but COVID-19 was altogether on a different level. Nonetheless, Mr. Moustache’s Cakes didn’t stop; the ship stumbled but never sank. The key factors assisting efficient crisis management were teamwork, motivation and commitment. All these factors helped our ship in sailing even if there were storms in the sea. An organization needs to build its foundation on the formerly mentioned factors for it to sail through otherwise it is bound to sink.

Similar was the case with us, we did not give up so soon and geared up ourselves for the hard times. It is the speciality of a good organization that can look for favourable stances amid unfavourable times. Our baker-dad Arun Choudhary single-handedly prepared all the cakes with utmost attention to sanitation cleanliness. The stock we keep is always in surplus for emergency purposes which mostly includes raw material that is not easily perishable. The shift towards online channels became a boon for us as we are a cloud bakery operating from our home in Gurgaon and serving our lovely customers across Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR. People could easily find us by simply google-ing ‘best cakes near me’ and ‘best healthy cakes near me'. There was a huge shift in demand for healthy and hand-made products which again worked in our favour as we aim to promote healthy and hand-made baked cakes that are not only healthy but the best when it comes to the taste. More and more people connected with us via social media sites and tried our baked goods. The review we got from our customers was all about how much they loved our cakes and called them the best cakes to date they have ever tried.

We are a family of more than 30 team members working under MMC. To make MMC a flourishing venture each member works hard right from Baking, Marketing, Managing, Writing, Public relations, Human resource and Social media and in synchronisation, and this sync is managed by our co-founder Ms Khushboo quite smoothly. We hope that our ways motivate you to do better and be the best. The pillars we stand on today have made us the best bakery in Gurgaon and now we aim to be the best bakery near you very soon with a greater reach in terms of distance and variety. If you want to join us, you can apply from here. Tell us your crisis management story amid the lockdown in the comment section below!
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