Mr. Moustache's Cakes offers fun and educational classes that’ll have you whipping the custom cakes in no time. We provide a variety of fun options, from Beginners’ 101 to expert tips. You’ll learn baking tips and techniques and will get to take your creations home. Mr. Moustache's Cakes makes it easy: we handle the prep and the cleaning, leaving you free to have fun creating your very own artisan cakes in Gurgaon. To sign up for the class, click here or contact us on 9999972043.

Kneading Dough


Want to learn how to bake our delicious tea cakes in the comfort of your own home? Learn to make some of our signature creations in our Basic Baking class and wow everyone around – including yourself!


Some Baking Tips from our Chef:

1. Room Temperature is the key, be it any dessert, you need to know how to balance the ingredients and the product with the room temperature. 

2. Read the Recipe carefully, before beginning, and then gather your ingredients accordingly. Keep a check on it as the process continues. 

3. Always Weigh your ingredients, a slight disproportion effects the entire taste.

4. Coat things like fruit and chocolate chips in flour before adding them to your mix, as this prevents all the bits from sinking to the bottom and ensures you’ve got an even distribution of flavor. 

5.Always let your cakes cool before attempting to ice them. 

6. Take some time to learn the whole science involved behind it. 


A sprinkle of these tips and more, along with the flourishing Baking Classes we have to offer, will help you bake your desserts with expertise and extravagant panache.

Come and join our MMC classes to finesse your baking craft with us.